Your brand in the customer’s hand. High quality, functional, brilliant. That’s ClipBizz, the paper clip.

Ideal for your marketing communication. Small and non-invasive on the one hand, practical, functional and always present on the other. Nobody will throw a ClipBizz paper clip away.

Your logo will be printed authentically on 3.1 square centimeters of advertising space.
That’s what makes ClipBizz the ideal promotion article for your brand. As an image paper clip it creates a market presence. As event paper clip it communicates your events, and as a cult paper clip it represents a desired collector item.

A ClipBizz paper clip often leaves it’s natural office environment and can be found as a book mark, a pin, or a money clip. This way your brand will be seen and thus not forgotten.

ClipBizz a product of » Patterer GmbH